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Better for the Environment

More Product - Less Waste

Product weight and gradation adds significant value to the glass industry.

Product meets certification requirements in a number of industries for LEED credits. Click image to learn about other benefits of our product.

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“To produce superior quality products to be used in all facets of the glass industry.”  

The construction of this state of the art production facility, as well as high tech lab and testing facilities, will insure the success of the product.

Personnel with lengthy experience in all facets of the manufacturing process have been employed to assure the success of Vitrafine.

Vitrafine has significant benefits that will become the industry standard in glass conditioning.

Process Plant Lab Products

Blast Furnace

Superior Quality Starts Here

The method from which slag is transformed from liquid to granular state, begins at the blast furnace.

State of the Art Plant

Superior Production Facility

The plant process transforms granulated slag to a ready product for the glass manufacturer.

High Tech Lab

Focused On Quality

New lab is equipped with latest diagnostic equipment and headed by seasoned professionals.

Superior Products

Ensuring Material Consistency

Elimination of contaminants and consistent sizing, provides finest glass slag conditioning product.


Our Mission